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Willkommen! Cullman hosts visitors from sister city, Frankweiler, Germany

Visitors from Frankweiler arrived at the Cullman County Museum late Thursday afternoon.  L-R: Sigrid Rong, Klaus Feindel, Verena Rong and Karl Fiscus (W.C. Mann for The Tribune)

CULLMAN - From April 26 to May 5, Cullman’s Friends of Frankweiler are hosting four “Friends of Cullman” from Cullman’s sister city in Germany.  After being greeted at the airport in Birmingham and transported to Cullman by Drew Green and Ernest Hauk, Sigrid and Verena Rong, Klaus Feindel and Karl Fiscus were welcomed to town late Thursday afternoon with a reception at the Cullman County Museum.

Myrna Hermetz, who coordinated the reception, told the Tribune that the group and their hosts planned to attend a reception at Goat Island Brewing Friday evening, relax at Smith Lake during the day Saturday, enjoy a spread of American cooking at the lake home of Elaine Fuller and family Saturday evening, and attend Sunday morning services at St. John’s Evangelical Protestant Church.

“I’m just always real excited when they come,” said Hermetz.  “My roots are in Germany, and that’s why I get excited when they come.”

At Thursday’s reception, The Tribune asked Feindel, who has visited Cullman several times, what brings him back.

“Oh, the friendly people!  It’s my second hometown, Cullman.  Very nice here!” he smiled.

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  • The Friends of Frankweiler reception at the Cullman County Museum was an opportunity for old friends to get reacquainted. Frankweiler’s “Friends of Cullman” have hosted Cullman travelers, and three of this year’s four German visitors have traveled to Cullman before. (W.C. Mann)