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Letter to the Editor

This year’s Veterans Day celebration is for our Vietnam veterans

This year, the Cullman Elks Lodge will host a community-wide celebration of Veterans Day at Cullman Airport all day, Saturday, Nov. 4. The focus this year will be on honoring our Vietnam veterans.  It will include helicopter rides over Cullman, provided by the Army Aviation Heritage folks from Ozark, Alabama.

The Huey was the workhorse of the Vietnam War and carried 10 troops into combat at a time. It will be flying 10 riders on each flight from the airport on Nov. 4. Children must be 5 years of age or older and must be accompanied by an adult. Cost per ride is $75.

The Cobra is a gunship and it provided escort for the Hueys in Vietnam and also supported ground troops in contact. Each flight only carries one rider and these flights are fast and maneuverable. Adults 18 and older only. The cost of this ride is $325 due to the increased cost of parts and maintenance on this aircraft.

It is important that all Vietnam veterans in our county hear about this daylong event and have an opportunity to fly a ride. Family, neighbors and friends are encouraged to spread the word to all county veterans. Details on all the day's activities may be found at www.cullmanveteransday.com.

You or your company might also like to sponsor a ride for a Vietnam veteran, or you may wish to buy one for a worthy employee of the year or as a birthday or anniversary gift for a loved one or friend.

These helicopters have been in Cullman in the past and have drawn big crowds and long lines. You can avoid waiting in line by purchasing advanced tickets during the Cullman County Fair at the Elks fair booth.

If you have questions, call Vietnam veteran Col. Ken Brown at 256-507-1121.

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  • Ken Brown
    Cullman Elks Lodge booth at the Cullman County Fair
  • Ken Brown
  • Ken Brown