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Saturday youth football wrap-up

Updated 9-24-17

CULLMAN COUNTY - It was a full day of action Saturday as local youth football teams strapped on the helmets and pads and went to war in the trenches.

Good Hope Raiders 28, Cold Springs 6 (Fireplugs)

The offense was firing on all four cylinders for the Good Hope Raiders fireplug team as they took down Cold Springs 28 - 6. The defense stood strong only allowing six points over the course of four quarters, showing that Good Hope is a force to be reckoned with in the fireplug division.

Good Hope 16, Cold Springs 0 (Wee Wee)

The Good Hope Wee Wee team followed suit, downing Cold Springs 16-0 thanks to a strong offensive showing and a lights-out defense.

Cullman Bearcats 26, Good Hope Outlaws 12 (Fireplugs)

The Bearcats took care of business in the fireplug division, more than doubling up on the Good Hope Outlaws. Cullman’s excellent on offense and toughness on defense secured the 26-12 win.

Good Hope Outlaws 12, Cullman Bearcats 6 (Wee Wee)

The Good Hope Outlaws won the battle in the trenches Saturday afternoon, holding off the Cullman Bearcats. It was a hard-fought 12-6 victory which saw the Outlaws play spectacularly on both sides of the ball.

Cullman Cyclones 34, West Point 20 (Fireplugs)

It was a shootout at the OK Corral when the Cyclones and the Warriors took the field Saturday afternoon. Both teams moved the ball up and down the field but it was the Cyclones who came out victorious 34 - 20.

Cullman Cyclones 22, West Point 0 (Wee Wee)

It was all Cyclones from the opening kick to the last second in the wee wee game. They Cyclones were able to move the ball well for the entirety of the game and it showed. West Point fought hard but was unable to get anything going, as they fell 22-0.

Cullman Cyclones 22, West Point 6 (Pee Wee)

It was an emotional game for the Cyclones as they downed West Point 22-6. LJ Turner fought through the adversity of losing his mother today and left his heart on the gridiron, scoring twice, once on a pass reception and once rushing. Our thoughts and prayers go out to LJ and the entire Turner family.

Fairview 8, Vinemont 0 (Fireplugs)

One score was all it took for the Fairview Aggies, as their defense was rock-solid and was able to keep the Vinemont Eagles out of the end zone, allowing Fairview to take home the 8-0 victory.

Vinemont 6, Fairview 0 (Wee Wee)

It was a huge game for the Vinemont Eagles and the playoff picture and the Eagles came up huge. One score and a whole lot of defense kept the Vinemont Eagles in the running for first seed in their division for the playoffs.

Fairview 38, Vinemont 0 (Pee Wee)

Fairview controlled both sides of the ball from the opening kick, holding Vinemont scoreless and coming up with an impressive 38-0 victory.

Holly Pond 8, Hanceville 0 (Wee Wee)

Holly Pond broke through for its first score of the year and it was just enough as the Broncos defense held Hanceville scoreless. Holly Pond took the game 8-0 for its first win of the season.

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