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Check out Elevate Cullman, area’s newest women’s fitness studio

Instructors Morgan Moore, Rachel Eidson and Rachel McPhillips / W.C. Mann


CULLMAN - It’s an exercise place, and it’s next door to the Duchess Bakery, where the great donuts are.  It even sells a shirt that says “Donut ever give up.”  Talk about ambitious.  Say hello to Elevate Cullman.

As Cullman’s newest women’s fitness studio gets ready to welcome its first public class this week, The Tribune sat down with owner Rachel Eidson to find out more.

“Elevate is a premiere barre and yoga studio,” said Eidson, “so it’s a little different from your typical gym where you might expect a lot of equipment and a big crowd of people.  It’s intended to be smaller, more intentional, more personal.

“Our classes are geared toward things that women are interested in; what we’re offering here are barre classes.  It’s all very dance and Pilates inspired.  I worked for a big franchise that does barre fitness in Huntsville for about five years, and then we moved here.  My husband is from Cullman, and he moved me here almost two years ago.  I’m very involved in fitness; I do a lot of running and other things.  I didn’t think I’d miss it all that much; but we were here about six months when I thought, ‘Whoa. I look different, I feel different, I need to find a way to keep doing this.’

“We’ve been doing a small class at The Factory Dance Studio.  People seemed to like it, and it’s been growing; so this is the spot we hope we grow into.”

Elevate Cullman will officially host its first public class this Saturday, then will offer 15 barre classes per week, along with three yoga classes.  Also on the schedule will be “Piloxing” a hybrid high-intensity cardio/barre program that combines the grace of dance and Pilates with the power training of boxing.  Classes will run about 50 minutes each, allowing students to get in and out in about an hour.  Eidson set up a website, at which clients can sign up and pay for classes online.  New clients can attend their first class free of charge.

Most classes are physically low to no impact, making them a good choice for women with chronic back or joint problems, who are recovering from injuries or who are looking to cross train from a high-impact activity like running.  And for something important to many, they’re easier on folks who might have to get to work after an early morning or lunchtime class.

Eidson said, “You don’t sweat a lot, so it is completely reasonable to come do this class and then change back into your work clothes and go to work.”

Eidson, along with Rachel McPhillips, Morgan Moore and April Dooley, will lead barre classes; Debbie Leopard will head up the yoga classes.

“If you’ve only got an hour to work out, this is a smart way to spend it,” Eidson stated.  “It’s a good combination of cardio work and toning work.  If your time’s important to you and fitness is important to you, this is a good way to accomplish both of those things.”

Elevate Cullman is located at 220 First Ave. SE, next to Duchess Bakery.  For more information, including a schedule of classes, visit

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