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New Holly Pond business offers services for trucks, tractors and more

W.C. Mann

Ricky Cason, Sr., QuickSilver service manager

HOLLY POND - A very mobile local business has found a home in Holly Pond.  QuickSilver Diesel Repair and Welding offers an array of services for automobiles, big rigs, farm equipment and more.  For the last four years, Ricky Cason, Jr. and his dad Ricky, Sr. have run the business as a completely on-site service, taking their skills to where the customers are.

They still do that, but as of this month, they also have an address to put with their phone number.  On Saturday, April 8, they held a ribbon cutting at their new shop at 80 Holly Pond Blountsville Rd., near Harris Auto Repair.  The Tribune caught up with the elder Cason to find out more.

“We specialize in diesel engines, farm equipment, combines, tractors, machinery, bulldozers, dump trucks; whatever the case may be,” Cason explained.  “We have the shop in Holly Pond, and we have a truck and trailer that are fully loaded to go out.  If you call us and you’re broke down in the field, we can come out there and fix it; and usually, most repairs can be done in four to five hours.  We try to be very reasonable with our prices.”

In addition to diesel engine repair, QuickSilver does welding and fabrication, automotive service and detailing, trailer service, truck washing and will even pressure wash houses. 

The new shop’s official hours are 8 a.m to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 8 a.m. to noon on Saturday.  QuickSilver, though, still boasts being a 24/7 business. 

“It kind of started out as a joke,” said Cason, “people asked, ‘What are your hours?’ We’re never closed.  We just sometimes ain’t there!  If you break down at midnight, we’ll come out and get you.  If people need to make a special after-hours appointment, we’ll stay there to help.”

The staffers of QuickSilver are home-grown folks, and highly qualified to do their jobs.

Cason explained, “We have a full-time mechanic, which is my son Ricky, Jr.  He’s a Wallace State graduate, a certified diesel mechanic and a certified welder.  In welding, he was the presidential award winner from Wallace State for the most highly advanced technical student.  All our part-time and on-call mechanics are Wallace State graduates.  All our welders are Wallace State graduates.”

Cason, a former trucker, uses his own experience and understanding of their needs to shape how he deals with his customers.

He shared, “What the world has gotten away from is customer service.  It’s all about the dollar.  People have to make a living, but our customers are the most important thing about our business.  I don’t like to see people get ripped off because they’re in a bind.  We try and do it at a fair price, and help folks out.

“The bottom line is, if farm equipment isn’t running, they’re not growing food and we’re not going to eat.  If truck drivers aren’t running, things aren’t going to get delivered, and we’re going to be out of groceries in a short period of time. That’s what we do: we try to help keep America running.”

QuickSilver Diesel Repair and Welding can be reached at 256-735-4925 or 256-201-704.

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