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Go fly a kite!

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FAIRVIEW - On April 1 at 11 a.m. Peggie Knop of Fairview will continue a two-decades-old tradition of hosting a kite flying day at her home.

“This all started when my niece and her friends were in children’s church and they wanted to go flying kites and the big kids asked if they could join,” Knop said. “’Well, of course you can join,’ I said. I was not going to tell kids they could not fly kites.”

Knop, who has been teaching Sunday school at Welcome Baptist Church for 50 years, provides the kites, food and drinks.

“I get small donations throughout the year to help cover the cost of the kites and the string,” she said. “I used to have fundraisers and bake sales, but now I just collect aluminum cans.”

This year Knop said she will be providing hot dogs, pizza, drinks and desserts. The event is a humble one, with 100 people in attendance being some of the biggest crowds Knop said she has ever hosted.

The event takes place at 273 County Road 1554 in Fairview.


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