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West Point dominates county math tournament

Heather Mann

Advanced Math winners

Back row, 6th-10th place from left to right: Angel Cortes, Chandler Flanigan, Brantley Rodgers (not pictured), Madeline Whitesell, Jessica Arriaga

Front Row, 1st-5th place from left to right: Will Parker, Tom Parker, Jacob Smith, Allie Smith, Taylor Dover

HANCEVILLE - Wallace State Community College held the county tournament for Cullman County Schools’ math-based scholastic teams on Friday, March 17. Teams from each high school competed in four different math categories: Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II and Advanced Math (which incorporates problems from Pre-Calculus and Calculus). Players in each category competed by ciphering, a fast-paced problem-solving competition that raises the overall team score, and by taking a written test, which determines individual scores. By the end of the lunch break, all scores had been tallied and awards were ready to be handed out.

The first category called was Algebra I. For team scores, Hanceville came in third place, Fairview in second and West Point took first. In order of first through tenth place, the individual winners were as follows:

1. Allison Doyle, Vinemont

2. Kenyan Baker, West Point

3. Jayden Williams, West Point

4. Zohie Ballenger, Fairview

5. Noah Frasier, Hanceville

6. Peyton Bailey, Fairview

7. Kenzie Ledbetter, Hanceville

8. Alyson Williams, Good Hope

9. Sky Thomas, Vinemont

10. Sydney Babb, Fairview

In the Geometry division, Good Hope placed third, Hanceville second and West Point again in first. The individual winners were:

1. Elijah Moore, West Point

2. Garrett Willingham, West Point

3. Tyler White, West Point

4. Alex Campbell, Hanceville

5. Zackery Reynolds, Holly Pond

6. Mason Roberts, Fairview

7. Chandler Lane, Hanceville

8. Sarah Laney, Fairview

9. Eli Phares, Good Hope

10. Peyton Hall, Good Hope

For Algebra II, Fairview came in third place, West Point in second and Good Hope first. Individual winners were as follows:

1. Lillian Whitesell, West Point

2. Tyler Kraus, Good Hope

3. James McWhorter, Good Hope

4. Daniel Price, Good Hope

5. Jozi Jackson, Fairview

6. Kaitlyn Griffin, Holly Pond

7. Caleb Miller, Fairview

8. Ethan Little, West Point

9. Luke Wilcox, Good Hope

10. Logan Eady, West Point

The last category announced was Advanced Math (also known as Comprehensive). Holly Pond took third place, Good Hope took second and West Point added another first-place trophy to their collection. Individual winners were:

1. Will Parker, West Point

2. Tom Parker, West Point

3. Jacob Smith, Good Hope

4. Allie Smith, Holly Pond

5. Taylor Dover, Fairview

6. Angel Cortes, Good Hope

7. Chandler Flanigan, Hanceville

8. Brantley Rodgers, West Point

9. Madeline Whitesell, West Point

10. Jessica Arriaga, Hanceville

When awards for each category had been handed out, the final prize awarded was for the best overall team, which went to West Point.


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  • Heather Mann
    Algebra I winners Back row, 6th-10th place from left to right: Peyton Bailey, Kenzie Ledbetter, Alyson Williams, Sky Thomas, Sydney Babb Front Row, 1st-5th place from left to right: Allison Doyle, Kenyan Baker Jayden Williams, Zohie Ballenger, Noah Frasier
  • Heather Mann
    Geometry winners Back row, 6th-10th place from left to right: Mason Roberts, Chandler Lane, Sarah Laney (not pictured), Eli Phares, Peyton Hall Front Row, 1st-5th place from left to right: Elijah Moore, Garrett Willingham, Tyler White, Alex Campbell, Zackery Reynolds
  • Heather Mann
    Algebra II winners Back row, 6th-10th place from left to right: Kaitlyn Griffin, Caleb Miller, Ethan Little, Luke Wilcox, Logan Eady Front Row, 1st-5th place from left to right: Lillian Whitesell, Tyler Kraus, James McWhorter, Daniel Price, Jozi Jackson