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Good Hope impressive in 2nd annual weight meet

Andrew Cryer

Good Hope girls' weight-lifting team

GOOD HOPE - The second annual Good Hope weight meet saw Good Hope themselves place many athletes in the top three, and both the Good Hope girls and boys finished first in the team divisions. The girls competed in their first weight meet.

In the boys' division, the pound for pound winner was Matt Schwaiger, who, at 158 pounds, lifted a total weight of 850 pounds. He squatted 400, bench-pressed 195 and power-cleaned 255. Garrett Franklin took home third place in the 259-pound division. Riley Kilpatrick went home with second place in the 233-pound division. Austin Knight took home first place in the 206-pound division, as did Matt Dixon in the 198-pound division. In the 175-pound division, Jackson Hancock finished second. Schwaiger also won the 158-pound division. Kyle Carlton finished in third place in the 148-pound division. Hudson Leverett took home first and Cameron Twilley finished in third in the 132-pound division. Austin Eakes  took home first place in the 123-pound division. Nathan Hirth and Harper Chiranda finished first and second in the 112-pound division.

In the girls' division, four Good Hope girls finished in first: Hanna Allred, Sadie Fendley, Makenna Davis and Emma Brock. Julee Turner, Bella Davis, Bobbi Johnson, Kate Kent and Kristian McCroy all finished in second. Elita Simmons and Kristin Hart finished in third.

"I was very proud of all of our athletes," Good Hope weight coach Patrick McDonald said. "They have had a workout class every day this year and they come in and work hard every day. The girls stepped out of their comfort zone and trusted the program and now they can't wait to compete again. Coach Scott ran the weight meet and we have had so many compliments on how organized and smooth it ran."
McDonald was especially impressed with how much Schwaiger can lift, and how the girls competed in their first-ever weight meet.

He added, "Obviously the amount of weight that Matthew Schwaiger can lift for his size is amazing. He should be able to win state with his numbers. I was impressed with all the girls and how they rooted for every lifter and was so excited and pumped to be there. Many of the parents were shocked at what their girls could lift. We had coaches complimenting all our athletes' technique."

Good Hope will travel to Elmore County this Saturday for the state meet, as they look to win not only in the individual divisions, but also as a team.


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  • Andrew Cryer
    Good Hope boys' weight-lifting team