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4th annual MHM Expo draws huge crowds

CULLMAN - For the fourth year in a row, the online Mothers Helping Mothers (MHM) community put on their annual expo in Cullman, this year at the Cullman Civic Center, to allow small business owners the chance to advertise and sell their wares. This year's expo had so many participants, the civic center auditorium was practically standing-room only. Along with local stores, stay-at-home parents who run their own business from home came to display their crafts and meet other people like them in the community. Founder of MHM, Tiffiney Crawford, said that the word "community" extends to all 8,500 women in the organization, not just the Cullman area. In fact, one woman has been driving from Florida for the past two years just to participate in this expo.

MHM is an online support group for every mom out there, no matter where they're from or how old they are. MHM is meant to help gives mothers the chance to come together with other people who understand the same challenges of parenthood. Along with the annual expo, MHM also does a free annual clothing swap, in which people can donate five articles of clothing and receive five for free, and they also participate in the fair parade. Crawford mentioned that the community would be trying to do things this year that it hadn't done in previous years, like having a community-wide yard sale. She also stated they try to keep all their events free because they know that many families only have one main source of income, so these events can be a big help to those families.

When asked about anything she wanted people to know about the organization, Crawford responded, "It's a great way to connect with everybody. There's a lot of moms that we encounter that feel alone. They feel hopeless, and the community is a way to feel loved and to gain that hope back, and to know that whatever you're facing, someone has already faced it. You're never alone."

Find MHM online at https://www.facebook.com/groups/momshelpingmomsal/.

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