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Vinemont welcomes another new business: Vinemont Welding and Fabrication holds ribbon cutting

W.C. Mann

Owner Jeremy Harbison, center, cuts the ribbon at his new business, Vinemont Welding and Fabrication.

VINEMONT - Vinemont native Jeremy Harbison and his family have for a few years now dreamed of owning their own business, and on Jan. 2 of this year, they made that dream a reality.  They opened the doors of Vinemont Welding and Fabrication on that day, and Wednesday, Feb. 1 held their official ribbon cutting.

Harbison gave a quick overview of what they do: "We provide in-house custom fabrication work, various kinds of welding, ornamental iron, gates, whatever you can think of on that.  We can clean up metal parts and powder coat them."  Pointing out a set of patio furniture on the work floor, he continued, "We just did this patio furniture. A lot of people will throw their stuff out, but we can clean it up, knock all the old paint off of it, and put the powder on it.  And it's very durable, more durable than paint."

It's a family business; currently, the workforce is Harbison and his father.  They plan to keep it in the family for now, but foresee a likely facility expansion and hiring within the next year.  The first expansion plan involves moving the powder coating operation into a separate building.

"We're already running out of room here," Harbison observed.  "The powder coating is a business in itself, and out welding side is a business in itself.  You put them together in one building, and you can see we're already running out of room."

Cullman County Commissioner Kerry Watson addressed the audience, "I'd like to thank you guys for opening this up because business, no matter where it's at in the county, is here for the whole county.  You know we're a growing community, a great county.  If you've been to Cullman County, I tell everybody, 'You've got to come to Cullman; you won't leave, because it's just a great place to live.'  I appreciate y'all, what you did, because it's a light in the community.  Every time a business opens, it's a light shining to draw people in."

South Vinemont Mayor Reggie Dodson shared with the crowd, "These people are here for you and me.  They're part of our community, and we need to extend to them all the graces we possibly can.  Eventually, they'll end up with more people employed, and that means that those here in the town have got a real good chance of employment.  These are things that make the town better, and that's my objective."

Harbison stated a clear vision for his family's business: "We're willing to work with anybody and meet their need.  We're here to serve the community, make people happy and go the extra mile on every project we do.  Customer service is a very important thing to do.  This is a Christian business, so we want to run on biblical principles; and that's going the extra mile and turning out excellent work at a fair price."

Vinemont Welding and Fabrication is located at 19001 U.S. Highway 31 N. You can reach them at 256-841-1733 and find them on Facebook at

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  • W.C. Mann
    Jeremy Harbison explains the powder coating process to guests.
  • W.C. Mann
    County Commissioner Kerry Watson, South Vinemont Mayor Reggie Dodson, Vinemont council members Toni Helms and Shirley Arnett.