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Garden City Town Council meeting notes- June 20

Will Hogue

GARDEN CITY – The Garden City Town Council met on Monday evening to discuss matters that were queued for review. At the meeting were all councilmembers and the Garden City Mayor Tim Eskew.

The council quickly approved the following resolutions:

  • Fire Department roofing construction estimated at $7,414
  • Junior Firefighter Program, now in progress. The program is led by Steve Ohls. Those who wish to have more information should contact Garden City Town Hall. The program is for kids ages 14-18.
  • Property Clean up – Hiring of Health and Safety Ordinance Official Chad Whaley 
  • Purchase of five (5) new ‘Children Playing’ street signs
  • Hiring of a crew of workers to move and install playground equipment that was donated to the city for $7,000
  • Garden Trail Park repairs - Changing of electrical outlets, new hooks for swing set. The repairs will be made within two weeks.
  • Resolution 2016-348 Chief Election Officer - The appointment is necessary since the mayor cannot fulfill this duty because he will be a candidate. The town clerk will assume the role of chief election officer.
  • Resolution 2016-349 Appoint Election Officials - Appointment for assistants for election day balloting and those to be present at the election location.
  • Special event permit for annual fireworks event - Garden City First Baptist Church’s Fifth Annual Freedom Celebration will take place on July 3 at 6 p.m.
  • Motion to Enforce Ordinance #108 – Living in Camper - Southernmost location of Garden City in a lot formerly occupied by a traditional home; a letter will be served to camper owner; time will be given to find an alternative living situation; if action is not made by camper owner, Garden City will contact attorney.

The council moved swiftly and completed the items on the agenda in an unofficial 23 minutes, at which point Garden City Maintenance Manager Eric Allred brought forth several requests to the council, including the purchasing of 20 new American flags at approximately $300, to replace the city’s currently dwindling supply.

The meeting was officially adjourned after approximately one hour.

The next meeting of the Garden City Town Council will be on Monday, July 18 at 6 p.m. The public is welcome to attend.



  • Will Hogue
  • Will Hogue