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A special day for some special athletes

CULLMAN - It is not unusual to find Oliver Woodard Stadium, on the campus of Cullman High School, bustling with activity, both on the playing surface and the bleachers, but Tuesday’s event was a special kind of amazing: the Special Olympics. Athletes from all over Cullman County converged on the green turf and surrounding track at the home of the Bearcats to try their hand at several different events. Medals and ribbons were given out to the participants and judging from all of the smiles on the faces of these wonderful athletes, a good time was had by all.

The voice of the Bearcats, Jimmy Dale, who also announces the Field of Miracles games, was on hand to announce the events and call the action. Area school Key Club members were also in attendance, helping the athletes to and from events and giving assistance to those who needed it.

The Cullman Tribune was on hand to cover this wonderful event and we are honored to report the top athlete from each heat of each of the day’s events.



  • Heat One- Gigi Thomas
  • Heat Two- Alyssa Ergle
  • Heat Three- Auston Baliey
  • Heat Four- Dawson Oden
  • Heat Five- Julie Webb
  • Heat Six- Jackson Ra
  • Heat Seven- Nicholas Ard
  • Heat Eight- Samuel Clark
  • Heat Nine- Cody Sharp
  • Heat 10- Parker Wilson
  • Heat 11- Jamai Mims
  • Heat 12- Kami Young
  • Heat 13- Christian Woodard
  • Heat 14- Noah Todd
  • Heat 15- Debra Jolly
  • Heat 16- Madison Durham
  • Heat 17- Tyler Grace
  • Heat 18- Levi Roberson
  • Heat 19- Bridgette Chandler



  • Heat One- Kaden Davis
  • Heat Two- Clayton McGinnis
  • Heat Three- JJ Martin
  • Heat Four- Blake Harding



  • Heat One- Quinton Collins
  • Heat Two- Bailey Sims
  • Heat Three- Hunter Haynes
  • Heat Four- Megan Crow



  • Heat One- Troy Wilson
  • Heat Two- Abhi Slaton
  • Heat Three- Cody Sharp
  • Heat Four- Jaicey Kellly
  • Heat Five- Scott Turner
  • Heat Six- Katelyn Steele
  • Heat Seven- Brandon Davis
  • Heat Eight- Easton Thompson
  • Heat Nine- Jamai Mims
  • Heat 10- Mathais Guzman
  • Heat 11- Noah Keeton
  • Heat 12- Emylee Cooper
  • Heat 13- Brayden Methvin
  • Heat 14- Tyler McClendon
  • Heat 15- Bailey Sims
  • Heat 16- Jordan Downs
  • Heat 17- Bridgette Chandler
  • Heat 18- Levi Roberson



  • Heat One- Isaac Salgado
  • Heat Two- Will Thompson
  • Heat Three- AJ Sims
  • Heat Four- Anna Bates



  • Heat One- JJ Martin
  • Heat Two- Junior Mandujuano
  • Heat Three- Anson Sparks


10 M WHEELCHAIR RACE (7 and under)

  • Heat One- Regan Powers


10 M WHEELCHAIR RACE (8 and over)

  • Heat One- Hunter Cason
  • Heat Two- Payton Hadges


25 M DASH (7 and under)

  • Heat One- Clayton McGinnis
  • Heat Two- Anson Sparks
  • Heat Three- Tyler Williamson


25 M ASSISTED WALK (8 and over)

  • Heat One- Anna Bates
  • Heat Two- Noah Todd



  • Heat One- Tyler Branon
  • Heat Two- Daniel Doss
  • Heat Three- Trey Herchehann
  • Heat Four- April Baker
  • Heat Five- Troy Wilson
  • Heat Six- Levi Roberson
  • Heat Seven- Tyler McClendon
  • Heat Eight- Samuel Clark
  • Heat Nine- Blakley Richards
  • Heat 10- Parker Wilson
  • Heat 11- Kami Yound
  • Heat 12- Jamai Mims
  • Heat 15- Bridgette Chandler
  • Heat 16- AJ McGaugh


100 M DASH

  • Heat One- Tyler Grace
  • Heat Two- Megan Crow
  • Heat Three- Bailey Sims
  • Heat Four- Jennifer King
  • Heat Five- Jordan Downs


The Cullman Tribune would like to congratulate each and every one of the participants in the 2016 Special Olympics here in Cullman.

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