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Community Wellness Day

Citizens See What the Cullman Wellness & Aquatic Center Has To Offer

CULLMAN – This past Saturday, the Cullman Wellness and Aquatic Center celebrated their first annual Community Wellness Day. Folks from all over Cullman County came by and enjoyed a full day of fitness and fun.

“The Community Wellness Day was started this year as an event to open up the Aquatic Center for everybody to use,” said Waid Harbison, Marketing and Programs Director at Cullman City Parks and Recreation. “There are a lot of people in the community that have never had access to the Center before. Some people have said, ‘I’ve lived in Cullman all my life, but I’ve never known where the Aquatic Center is’.”

Word of free access to the Aquatic Center spread fast and lots of new faces were there to visit. Folks tried out the gym, the pool and the classes that are offered on a daily basis.

“This is actually the first time we have opened up the Aquatic Center for free to nonmembers,” Harbison continued. “We’ll allow them to come in and use the facility – they can do anything a regular member can do, so they’ll be able to use the fitness center, the pool, the fitness classes and all that will be available to them.”

The facility also offered a discount on all memberships Saturday as part of the event by waiving the $50.00 enrollment fee. Many folks took the opportunity to save some money and begin their new year in the right direction for a healthier life by signing up for a membership that day.

“As part of the Community Wellness Day, we will have free enrollment on memberships that day to help out with memberships,” Harbison said with a smile. “The whole day is kinda built around helping people achieve their New Year’s resolutions.”

The Community Wellness Day is a kick-start to a much bigger plan for the community. Everyone is encouraged to get out and get fit.

“Whether they are members or not members of the Aquatic Center, we are doing a big health and wellness campaign that we are going to start doing in conjunction with the Parks and Recreation Department for the coming year. We’re really trying to get the whole community to get out and do something.” 

With a new year, comes a new healthy plan for the community as a whole, and the folks at Cullman City Parks and Recreation have a wonderful plan. It all starts with a unique new slogan.

“Our campaign slogan is GOAL – Get Out And Live,” he grinned proudly. “We are trying to get people to get out and get involved, whether that is a jog over at Heritage Park or a gym membership at the Aquatic Center, we want to help you achieve that. “

If you or someone you know would like to get in on the GOAL campaign, feel free to contact the Cullman City Parks and Recreation at 256-734-9157 or stop by the Cullman Civic Center and talk to the fine folks in person. They are located at 510 5th St SW, Cullman, AL 35055. You can also visit their webpage.